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rocket scientists, but instead from mother nature. and right now she's not cooperating. nasa weather officers say the forecast is still 70% no go for launch this morning. jay gray, nbc news, kennedy space center. 10,000 workers at the goddard space center in greenbelt will closely watch the launch. it will be a bitter sweet day. goddard has provided most of the engineering and communications work. the loss of the shuttle program will mean the loss of many jobs around the country. but many at the goddard company are expected to remain. >> well, tom, what are your thoughts? look like the clouds are going to move out or forestall that launch? the very latest data coming in are showing a little bit better chance, like a 35%, 40% chance they may launch rather
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than 30%. i know it still doesn't look good for the launch. right now here we had heavy downpours north of washington. they had some swift water rescues around baltimore last night from very heavy downpours. the rain has ended around the region, sky breaking up a bit. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy sky around the region. 77 degrees at reagan national. still very humid. it's in the low 70s in the nearby suburbs and much of virginia, maryland, now in the low 70s. west virginia, many locations in the 60s. over the last 12 hours, you can see those showers and some heavy downpours have passed just north of washington. there's an area of some heavy rain out in the ohio valley, southern indiana coming into kentucky. that is coming our way. looks like we'll be arriving here perhaps midday and then during the afternoon. right now you should have no travel problems weatherwise on this friday morning. there's the jefferson memorial under this mostly cloudy sky in washington. our temperatures will climb to around 80. maybe a little sunshine in and out this morning, then cloudy
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the rest of the day. looks like by noontime could have showers coming through, maybe thunder and lightning. a greater chance of heavier downpours with more thunder and lightning mid to late afternoon and into the evening hours. before then, temperatures reaching the mid-80s for a time by midafternoon. looks like this potential for flooding rains and heavy downpours continues into tonight. we'll look at the "night planner" coming up in ten minutes at 4:41. danella sealock, good morning. how's the friday morning commute? >> good morning. i have some closures. from what i can tell, the closures are between bw parkway and route 50 from the kenilworth avenue exit as well as new york avenue. there's police activity. i know the road is closed there. if you can avoid both those roads in that area, i would. if you have to travel there, expect delays. again, follow the direction of the police. as far as our local roadways, i'm checking them for you. i have no accidents or major
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delays at this time. let's take a live look right now. i want to show you the beltway right now in new hampshire avenue. inner loop and outer loop of maryland as well as the beltway in virginia, you're looking good both directions. i also want to show you 66. 66, both inside and outside of the beltway, i see no major delays or incidents at this time. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. joe and eun, back to you. a crash on the baltimore washington parkway sent four people to the hospital. you saw this first as breaking news on news 4 at 11:00. this accident near route 197 in laurel, maryland. part of the highway had to be shut down so medevac helicopters could land. the road is now open. at last check, the victims were all listed in serious condition. prince george's county plans to place mobile speed cameras at more than 100 sites near county schools. that's according to the washington examiner. the county can fine drivers $40 when they're caught speeding 12 miles an hour or more over the
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limit in school zones. it will generate about $7.5 million in revenue. a virginia store accused of selling a banned product, k2 product which produces a high similar to pot. authorities raided the arabica tobacco company in falls church seizing 200 packets of k2. no one was arrested, and the owners are said to be cooperating with police during the investigation. the food and drug administration says k2 is a potential health risk, increasing the use of seizures in people who use the drug. the woman charged with killing mehr coworker inside a bethesda, montgomery county store, is due in court. brittany is charged with killing jana murphy after a fight. murphy found stolen items in norwood's bag. police say norwood tried to hide the murder by tying herself up and blaming the attack on two masked men. the store reopened last month.
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later this month, a potomac man will appear his arrest in gentleman cuba. he's accused of taking part in a secretive u.s. program to promote political change on the island. gross says he was on the island to promote internet communication for cuba's jewish community. he worked for development alternatives, which is based in bethesda. tragedy in grand rapids, michigan. one man goes on a shooting spree, killing seven people before taking his own life. police say roderick dansler shot four people in one home and killed three others on the other side of town. he then took three people hostage inside an apartment, holding them for hours. police tried to negotiate him. he released one hostage before turning the gun on himself. dansler was recently released from prison, but police do not know the motives for the
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shootings. according to the law, it is now legal to carry guns openly into state forests. you may also carry a concealed weapon as long as you have a concealed handgun permit. d.c. council is considering a proposal that would license the district to sell guns. that's according to the "washington examiner." under the plan, gun owners who want to bring handguns into d.c. would have to have their guns shipped to government offices to get the stamp of approval to carry them in district limits. right now there are no gun sellers in the district. the council will review the proposal next week. it will likely be up to maryland voters to decide whether the children of some illegal immigrants can pay instate tuition for college. opponents of the maryland version of the d.r.e.a.m. act have enough signatures to force a referendum of the law. that referendum will end up on next november's office. the "washington times" is reporting the d.r.e.a.m. act will be suspended until then.
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it allows illegal immigrants to pay instate tuition if their parents can prove they pay state taxes. the labor department is set to release its jobs report for june later this morning. economists are counting on june being a month better than may when the economy added just a few jobs. even with the gains, they expect the unemployment rate to hold steady at 9.1%. it is now 4:37. 73 degrees. ahead on "news 4 today," the chemical concerns in one local neighborhood. plus a neighborhood nuisance. where black bears have been
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welcome back at 4:40. not a good night for the nationals. washington was up 8-0 against the cubs, but chicago came storming back in the seventh inning. the cubbies tied it at 8. it is the largest blown lead in nats hess tistory. bottom of the eighth, nats trailing by one. michael morse ties the game at 9. but then the cubs score one more and keep the lead. the nats lose a heartbreaker 10-9. yikes. up 8-0? how does this happen? >> that would be a good question. if they could figure that out, maybe it wouldn't happen again. let's go to tom kierein, to find out when the storms might happen around here today on this friday. here's tom from the stormcenter. >> good morning, eun and joe.
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right now we don't have storms around the region. overnight, there were heavy downpours across northern maryland, up around baltimore. they had to rescue people out of swift water up there a few hours ago. now those storms are long gone. we have a partly to mostly cloudy sky around the region. low to mid-70s throughout much of the area. right now around 4:41 on this friday morning. 77, reagan national, prince george's, montgomery, fairfax, arlington counties in the low 70s. heavy downpours. see the moving color in northern maryland. those have dissipated quite a bit. there's quite a bit of rain in the ohio valley down into kentucky. that's going to be coming our way along a stationary front that has stalled over our region. right now there is the jefferson memorial under a partly cloudy sky. our sunrise at 5:50. by 9:00 mostly cloudy and near 80 degrees. then by late morning around noon time we could have showers beginning to develop. some of them could be with brief heavy downpours, and then perhaps even heavier downpours
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with thunder and lightning mid to late afternoon and, yes, even into tonight we'll have these potential flood producing storms coming through with thunder and lightning all the way until perhaps midnight, then maybe lingering showers around 5:00, 6:00. a look into next week in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? i still have police activity affecting your commute this morning. if you're traveling outbound on new york avenue, you'll be forced onto bladensburg road. if you're on 295, you will not be able to continue around the kenilworth area. this is where the kenilworth avenue exit is around route 295 and route 50. avoid that area because it is causing you some delays. a look at our roadways. this is american legion bridge. this is a good commute for you, no major delays. i want to also show you the key bridge here, nice and clear. as we shoot over to virginia. this is 95 at the springfield interchange. i can tell you 95 north and south in virginia. i see no major delays for you,
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and it is a great commute so far. back to you, eun and joe. >> thank you, danella. it is 4:42. 73 degrees. royalty arrives in california today. ahead, the heartwarming hug. how princess katherine made a dream come
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welcome back. in the wake of the casey anthony trial, at least four states are now drafting legislation that would force parents to report missing children within the first 24 hours. supporters say it would be called casey's law. lawmakers in florida, oklahoma, and west virginia announced they will put out versions of this bill. prosecutors say their case was damaged by the fact that casey's body was found so late.
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the child was reported missing a full month after her family first saw her. this morning anthony is waking up in jail, but she's not staying there very long. she'll be released next sunday on july 17th. the judge sentenced her to four years in prison for lying about her daughter's disappearance to law authorities. she was given credit for time served and good behavior. but the court is not finished with her. anthony could also be charged with the cost of searching for her daughter and for trying the case. amid accusations of hacking into thousands of cell phones, the british tabloid "news of the world" shocked many by announcing it is shutting down production. rupert murdoch owned paper is accused of hacking into voicemails of the royal family, celebrities, and families of soldiers killed in iraq and afghanistan. police are investigating a list of possibly 4,000 victims. the tabloid's last edition will go out on sunday. this morning, a tragic reminder of just how important it is to be careful when trying to catch a baseball at a baseball game.
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a fan in texas has died after falling out of the stands while trying to catch a ball. we do have video of the incident, but we want to warn you you may find it very disturbing. the fan tried to catch a ball tossed to him by texas rangers outfielder josh hamilton. the man fell head first about 20 feet and landed behind a 14-foot high wall supporting a video board, landed on concrete. paramedics rushed him to the hospital where he died. the rangers are not giving many details about the injuries that led to his death. a prince george's county man is in custody this morning charged with two murders that took place more than a decade ago. police arrested cedric schuler of ft. washington yesterday. they say he killed 26-year-old renee best of northwest washington in february of 1998 and 29-year-old edward gray of northwest washington a year later. both victims were shot to death. police aren't saying how they finally connected shuler to those murders. we're following breaking
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news out of northwest washington. danella mentioned this earlier. there was an overnight carjacking that has closed several roadways. let's go live to news 4's melissa mollet. she's in northeast with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, joe. you can take a look behind me here. this is very different from how things looked just a couple of minutes ago. police have reopened this area. it was a section including new york avenue, bw parkway, 295, and kenilworth avenue completely shut down for a couple of hours as police investigated that carjacking and in search of two suspects. they were searching both on the ground and also up on the air with a chopper. a canine unit out here as well. sources on the scene telling us the suspects took off into the woods after crashing a vehicle. one of them was arrested. at this point, we understand, one person is still at large. as soon as we get any additional information, we'll pass it along. back to you. >> melissa, thanks very much. beware of bears. black bears have been seen in two neighborhoods in our area. news 4's darcy spencer talked with one man who saw the bear outside his home window.
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>> reporter: this cell phone video shows a young black bear devouring the seeds in a bird feeder in the backyard of a bethesda home. >> we have five or six foxes that come up, a pack of raccoons, about six or seven of them, you name it, we have it. but not bears. that's a new one. >> reporter: dave colvin took the video. he said the bear chewed holes in the feeder and drank water from the bird bath before knocking it over. >> i was kind of shocked and couldn't even think to get a shot of it, and it ran off when it saw me. and i thought that was the end of it. and then about ten minutes later it came back. >> reporter: it was about 4:00 in the afternoon. dave was standing here in the sun room. when he turned and looked behind him, he saw a black bear just a few feet away on the other side of the glass. that's when he grabbed his cell phone. colvin also took photos of the bear and called the department of natural resources, but he wasn't happy with their
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response. >> they basically told me we lived with bears. >> reporter: there have been other bear sightings in the region, including in leesburg, where residents have seen a mother bear with her cub. >> we are going to see them this time of year. this is the time of year when the 2-year-old cubs, last year's cubs, are being kicked out of the net by mom, and they're trying to find a place of their own. >> reporter: colvin says he hopes the authorities will trap the bear and release him to an area that's safe for bears before he or someone or something gets hurt. >> here he's going to get in trouble. what happens in two or three years when he's no longer just a gangly adolescent but is a full grown black bear. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news 4. >> even a gangly adolescent bear, i don't want to deal with. >> and the fact this happened in bethesda. this is not some outer suburb. this is bethesda, which, i guess, is close in. there are some wooded areas around our area. >> this time of year getting kicked out of the house is a universal thing. college students are getting kicked out of the house. >> everyone foraging for food.
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>> get a job. time to move out. >> we do live in an urban forest. i show you the views of our skywatcher camera, and all you can see are trees as far as you can see. not that unusual, especially around rock creek park too. we have had overnight heavy downpours that have been passing just north of washington. they have ended now, i'm happy to report. so you don't have any trouble getting off to work on this friday morning. right now 77 steamy degrees at reagan national. yes, it is humid, and we have a partly cloudy sky, but right around 70 now in prince george's county. arlington, fairfax, montgomery low 70s. right near the chesapeake bay and on the eastern shore, low to mid-70s there. farther to our west, it's in the upper 60s. panhandle of west virginia, parts of the shenandoah valley, western maryland, and much of west virginia. south and east, lower part of the eastern shore, southeast virginia, low and mid-70s. overnight, we did have showers and storms passing across northern maryland. those are now dissipating. farther to our west, a line of
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heavy downpours now along the ohio river valley moving into kentucky. that's heading off to the east. looks like that will be moving our way here by later this morning and into the afternoon. right now we've got generally dry pavement throughout much of the region. there's the jefferson memorial under a partly cloudy sky. sunrise in about an hour. might have a little sun. overall, a little bit of cloudiness. noontime, might have a passing downpour. later in the afternoon, perhaps mid to late afternoon, we could have some downpours with thunder and lightning and heavier downpours may cause localized flooding this afternoon and overnight tonight. high temperatures in the mid-80s before that. yes, all the way through this much of tonight we have this potential for heavy downpours that may cause ponding of water on roadways. and don't dry through high water. we have to remind you of that every time. seems like every time we have flooding around here, we get people stranded just like we did overnight. and any showers should be
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quickly exiting and moving east of the bay. we'll get sunshine back by the afternoon with highs around 90 and a bit less humid. a beautiful summer day on sunday and somewhat less humid. turning more humid on monday, highs low 90s. could get storms tuesday. wednesday, thursday, highs in the 80s. danella, how's traffic? great news. as melissa reported, our roads are reopen. this is 295 and kenilworth avenue. i want to show you new york avenue, because we had some delays as far as you could not leave outbound. you had to take bladensburg road. look at all these cars. a minute ago, this was full. i watch these roads every morning, and i never see this much traffic at this time. hopefully, by the time you're ready to leave the house, you're not going to have any delays, and that is a great thing. i want to show you a live look at 395. on 395 from the beltway to the 14th street bridge, i have no delays for you, and it is clear. and i want to show you this as well. early 270 in clarksburg. 270, you're clear as well. joe, back to you. >> danella, thanks very much.
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well, you may want to skip the bacon with your breakfast this morning when you hear the results of a new study on adult obesity. in 38 states, more than 1 in 4 people is obese. that's according to researchers from the trust for america's health and the robert wood johnson foundation. just one state, colorado, has an obesity rate of lower than 20%. the district's obesity rate is 21.7%. maryland is 27.1%, the highest in the region. and virginia's is 25.9%. >> that's a problem. >> put the bacon down. >> i'm going to have to change my diet. all right. it's now 4:54. 74 degrees. a political conspiracy or bad timing? water works interrupt a local
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welcome back. we now know what the new metro rail cars will look like. metro released its final design for its next generation of rail cars that will be known as the 7000 series. the units will feature a blue and gray interior with 64 vinyl padded seats. there will be more grab handles as well. you also notice there's no carpet there. it's been replaced with a
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resilient nonslip flooring. it will also have two lcd route maps and four video screens tracking train locations and station names. the new cars will replace the system's oldest model, the 1000 series much the new fleet will be delivered in 2013. this morning the mayor of rockville dismisses the idea someone tried to sabotage the kickoff of her re-election bid. take a look at this video. phyllis marcuccio made her announcement last month when the ground fountain started s water underneath her audience. marcuccio said she made arrangements to keep the fountains off during her speech, but there was some sort of mistake. oops. the duke and duchess of cambridge are rounding out their final day in canada before heading to california. prince william and kate should land in los angeles at l.a.x. airport this afternoon. meantime, there was a touching moment when the royal couple landed in calgary yesterday. 6-year-old cancer patient diamond marshall wrote a letter to the children's wish foundation expressing her desire
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to meet the princess and give her flowers, and she got a little bit more than that. kate greeted the little girl with a couple of hugs, which reportedly made diamond's day. how very sweet. >> that's so sweet. and, look, she looks like all this time she'd been waiting to meet the princess, and she gets a little shy. that's very sweet. >> very nice. they had a little conversation there too. that was nice. >> a touching moment for sure. stay with us. "news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. weather worries, a dark cloud is hanging over nasa's historic day. these are live pictures from florida. we should know soon whether the shuttle "atlantis" will blast off for the final time today. good morning to you. i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news 4 today" for this friday, july 8th, 2011. we'll take a live look outside. it's jus

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